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Writing has been on my list for the last four years. Well they were actually several lists, all being some permutation of the list of “Most Ambitions List of Things To Do”. Over the years few have been actualized. Most of what I listed just rested on those pages and taunted me each time I happen across them. I felt taunted because I thought of myself as a failure.

This is not my first attempt at writing a blog post. Two years ago I setup a blog and wrote one post. It was short and philosophical. The theme was based around Lao Tzu’s quote: 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

I shared it with one person. That was my first step and only step until now. A false start.

I seemed to have missed the point of what Lao Tzu was alluding to. The journey is an accumulation of many small distances. Each sentence, paragraph, and post shared is that small distance. Instead of making these steps, I made excuses.

I have mastered the art of over thinking things. Over thinking really is just an amalgamation of my fears. Each time I set out to create something I’ve decided that the finished version has to have a certain quality of awesomeness to it. Who doesn’t want create awesomeness? I was finding my work was lacking that and so I found a reason not to let it see the light of day.

Every artist talks about the importance of creating consistently and not getting hung up on the quality. Especially early on. Having the courage to share my work, regardless of how I feel about it, is something I needed to find. This means facing my fears, the “Resistance” as author Steven Pressfield calls it.

This is how I’ve decided to find my courage and face my fears:

  • Putting these thoughts together.
  • Sharing this with you.
  • Burning all those lists.
  • Learning the art of not giving a fuck.
  • Unleashing the artist within.

How are you finding your courage?